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Artificial Grass for Offices and Indoor Use


Artificial grass has always been popular for gardens and play areas, as a way to keep the ground soft and offer an attractive option which looks like grass but without any of the maintenance that actual grass needs.

However, in recent years, artificial grass has become more popular with offices and in homes, creating an outlandish but modern look which makes any room unforgettable. If you are unsure about taking the plunge and adding artificial grass to your office or home, here are some reasons artificial grass is a great addition to any interior.

sagdsgLow maintenance

Artificial grass lasts for a long time and doesn’t need as much cleaning or hoovering as carpet. Carpet can be stained or ruined should things be spilled onto it, or just from the general wear and tear of people walking around on it. Artificial grass was originally designed for outside, so does not have the same problems. This is also a cheaper type of flooring than carpets or floorboards, making it better for those on a budget


cvcfvfLooks fun

Artificial grass is a great way to add a sense of fun to a home or office. It would be a popular addition to offices, where it creates a contemporary feel whilst bringing in a sense of the outdoors, making employees feel happier. Artificial grass is a wonderful basis for an exciting and original workplace, with lots of bold shades of green and exciting textures, making the office a place that employees will be happy to spend lots of time.


sdcsMakes a workplace more productive

Studies have shown that artificial grass can actually have a positive effect on how employees work, and creates a calmer, more productive workforce. The colour green has been proven to help people to feel confident and focused, whilst the feel of grass underfoot can make people feel more happy and contented, and thus more likely to improve on their creative output.


dfvsgCan create a theme

Although any workplace would benefit from the addition of artificial grass, a company which is sports, gardens or landscape-related would be able to build a popular and memorable theme for customers simply by starting off with a grass flooring.


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