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Artificial Grass Golf Putting Greens



There are two main reasons why you should consider installing an artificial putting green in your back garden. The first is that it’s a fun activity for family and visitors, holding your own championships on a warm summer afternoon.

The second, and much more serious, is if you or anyone in your family is a keen golfer. It’s on the green where golf scores are often won or lost. It therefore makes sense to create an effective and unchanging environment to use at home to build up enduring confidence in your putting technique and create the smooth stroke that will stand up to pressure – whether playing with friends or putting for the club championship.

A Range Of Artificial Grasses To Choose From For Your Putting Green

There are a range of artificial grasses to choose from for your putting green, and the team here at Artificial Grass 4 U can offer the professional advice you would want. As an example, the Bari option may prove to be the most effective choice. It is recognised as both a strong and robust grass – essential as your putting green area will no doubt have a great deal of foot traffic. It also looks good after years of practice, with its close, dense structure and short grass fibre ideal for providing a smooth running surface as your golf balls head towards the hole. It is also, importantly, both water and UV resistant and noted for its colourfast properties.


You'll notice this surface, thanks to the short fibre of the grass, is one into which your feet don’t sink very far – again a good approximation of an actual putting green. In fact, the pile height is an extremely close cropped 10mm, which is substantially less than most other artificial grass surfaces.

While many artificial putting greens might be installed at home, they are also worth considering for golf clubs and other sporting activity centres, with their low maintenance and constant availability for use both being positive plus factors.

To find out more about our artificial grass, which can be installed to create the perfect putting green, get in touch today.

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