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Fake Lawn

Keeping on top of your lawn can be quite tedious. And when time is of the essence the last thing you want to be doing is stood pushing a lawnmower around your garden! So imagine a lawn that requires hardly any attention! No more mowing, no more weeding and no more watering. Imagine having a fake lawn!

Well, here at Artificial Grass 4U, that’s exactly what we specialise in! Our fake lawn range has been designed to look naturally authentic and easy on the eye by using the latest artificial fibres!

We offer fake grass for all your needs!

We are one of the UK’s leading fake lawn suppliers and all of our products are suitable for use in the family home, schools, playgrounds, caravan parks, retirement homes and restaurants. Businesses with grass areas could also benefit from a fake lawn, as they look presentable all year round without having to spend several hours each week maintaining them.

Our fake lawn range consists of 5 different types: Milan, Bari, Modena, Genoa and Venice. All of which have different characteristics, practical for different purposes. Therefore we offer customers 2 free samples of our fake lawn to ensure they make the right decision.

Fantastic benefits

Once your fake lawn has been installed you’ll immediately feel the benefits. Our products are designed to dry quicker than real grass, which means you’ll be able to enjoy your garden more! A fake lawn also creates less mess than a real one, there’s no mud or grass cuttings, which is perfect if you have children or pets.

A fake lawn is ideal for those who work away from home regularly or people suffering from physical disabilities, as it requires little care and attention in comparison to a real lawn. Hay fever sufferers will also feel the benefits, being exposed to less pollen.

You could save a fortune!

In today’s day and age everybody loves saving money and with a fake lawn that’s exactly what you’ll do.  You’ll no longer need to pay to run and maintain your lawnmower, in fact you’ll be able to sell it for some quick, easy cash! Plant fertilisers will also be history to you and you won’t have to pay the utility costs to keep your lawn watered! It’s a win-win situation! Less hassle and more cash! So what are you waiting for?

For more information on our products and the services we offer please give us a call on 01254 202237! One of our friendly team members will be able to advise you.