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Fake Grass Liverpool

Fake Grass Liverpool

As a hard wearing and attractive lawn solution, artificial grass is a rapidly expanding area of the gardening market. Those looking for a realistic alternative to a natural lawn across the UK can transform the look of any garden area quickly and with impressive, long lasting results. The solution is to use fake grass in Liverpool gardens, London park areas and Birmingham commercial businesses' outdoor spaces. Here are some of the main benefits of fake grass:

It looks great

Installation of artificial grass guarantees a lush green lawn that always looks impressively looked after, all year round. As a feature in a home garden, to enhance a public space or children’s play area, or for a low maintenance solution to give a commercial business a beautiful outdoor space without the need to invest time or expenses in regular maintenance, fake grass looks great.

It's easy to maintain

A natural lawn needs regular time and attention, with mowing, reseeding, watering in the summer months, and strimming to neaten up border edges all essential in keeping the grass looking green and fresh. Artificial grass, on the other hand, will keep looking great without all the work involved, saving time and money. A regular sweep with a stiff broom and a quick go over with a leaf blower in the autumn will keep your fake lawn looking as good as new.

Not affected by weather conditions

UK weather conditions play havoc with natural lawns. Long spells of dry weather leave grass looking yellow and withered and needing regular watering to retain its lush appearance. Prolonged wet conditions result in muddy garden spaces that with even light use can become patchy and need reseeding. Using fake grass in Liverpool, Manchester or Brighton garden spaces will give you a vibrant looking lawn all year round, whatever the weather, and with no effort required on your part to keep it that way.

Hard wearing

Perfect for regularly used grassy areas such as children’s playgrounds, family gardens, outdoor seating areas at restaurants or even golf courses, artificial grass will withstand a lot more use than a natural lawn, and won’t become patchy or die off and need reseeding or watering. Your children can run about to their hearts’ content without you having to worry about muddy patches spoiling the appearance of your garden or their clothes, and al fresco diners can come and go, keeping your establishment busy and business booming. Whatever the requirements of your outdoor space, fake grass provides a tough and durable solution that looks great at all times.

A range of purpose designed products available

At Artificial Grass 4 U, we supply a range of fake grass products and tailor each order to suit customers’ individual requirements, which will vary depending on factors including lawn size, use of garden and budget. With regular special offers and free delivery on orders worth over £250, as well as expert installation and advice on maintenance, Artificial Grass 4 U is a one stop shop for all fake grass solutions across the UK. Looking for fake grass in Liverpool, Leeds, Portsmouth, Birmingham or Newcastle? Our Blackburn based company will bring the solution right to your door

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