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Why buy artificial grass?

There are many reasons for using artificial grass. If you're unsure whether it's right for you, read on to see the benefits:

Low maintenance and ease of use

One of the main reasons home and business owners are choosing to buy artificial grass is because of how easy it is to maintain versus its organic counterpart. With artificial grass you don't need to worry about cutting the grass, buying fertiliser, or regularly watering. This saves time and money, making the initial investment pay for itself, and makes buying artificial grass an especially attractive prospect for the elderly, who perhaps do not have the energy to keep up with the maintenance of a natural grass lawn.

Environmentally friendly

Another reason home owners are choosing to buy artificial grass is because it is much better for the environment. It has been estimated that during the warmer seasons, 75% or more of residential water is used in the irrigation of lawns. Not only do artificial lawns save you money on you water bill, but contribute towards cutting the risk of draught, and protecting wildlife. You'll also no longer require pesticides to protect your lawn.


Artificial lawns are versatile and can be designed to fit around a variety of different features in your garden, and work in unison with these features. For example, artificial grass can be used to surround a garden swimming pool without the need to worry about mud and dirt being trailed into the pool, or to worry about muddy patches forming around the outskirts of the pool. As artificial grass is lighter, it is more practical for use on roof gardens which cannot support the weight of a natural turf, and where grass clippings would cause an even greater nuisance. If you own pets, then you may be used to your lawn being dug up, or mud being trailed into your home; after you buy artificial grass you'll not likely experience this again, and you won't need to wash your dog as frequently either.

Aesthetically pleasing

Artificial lawns consistently look as though they are fresh and full of life all year round. The whole lawn will be equal in length and in colour. There are no unsightly bald patches in areas of frequent use, which is why FIFA and other sports institutes have begun supporting the use of artificial pitches in their stadiums. Your lawn won't suffer from unsightly muddy stretches, yellow plots, or ugly weeds, but will have a consistent healthy green colour throughout the year, and, for many years to come.

Where to buy artificial grass

To get guaranteed quality at the best prices, Artificial Grass 4U is the UK's number one supplier. They have an extensive range of six different types of artificial turf, which can cater for any requirement you may have - from a small patch to complement your garden, to a large stretch to cover a football pitch.

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