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Artificial Grass Sports Services

headerThere are good reasons why choosing artificial grass for sports pitches makes a lot of sense. Suitable for playing a wide range of sports on, including football, tennis, rugby, hockey, and more, modern artificial grass provides a durable and highly practical surface that can be used all year round.


ddsgLooks and Feels Great

Artificial grass has come a long way from the hard, synthetic looking surfaces of old. Modern artificial grass looks and feels like the real stuff, and is practically indistinguishable. You can also choose from our range of fake lawns and select the type of surface that is more suited to your sport, such as close cropped grass for uniformity, or longer grass with more support to absorb impact.


dsgrfsPlay All Year

One of the great advantages of installing artificial grass is that no matter what the weather conditions are like, it’s still game on! Natural grass takes time to recover from heavy use, and is effectively out of use for a large part of the year. Artificial grass is ready when you are.


dsfsfConsistent Surface

Good quality artificial grass has built-in resilience and won’t lose its soft touch over time. The surface is designed to withstand regular use, so that means more teams can train for longer and harder, and you can play more matches in a season.



Less Maintenance

Wave goodbye to the ride-on mower when you install artificial grass, as well as all the water, fertilisers, chemicals and sprays you need to keep natural grass healthy. In terms of maintenance, all artificial grass requires is some regular brushing and the removal of any loose debris such as leaves or surface dirt.


dfsdsgdsGreener Than Grass

Artificial grass is more environmentally friendly than natural grass because you don’t have to water the surface, so there's no costly water wastage. Plus, there’s no need to use chemicals to treat the surface, or use a tractor or petrol mower to cut the grass, so you won’t produce any C02 emissions either!


dsfdgMore Space, More Revenue

Because one pitch with artificial grass can do the work of several natural grass pitches, you can use the space you save to improve your general facilities by adding a bar or restaurant, or other amenity. This could mean increased revenue for your club.


Artificial Grass 4 U are specialist suppliers of artificial grass sports surfaces. Contact our sales team on 01254 202237 for a quote to your direct specifications!