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Artificial Grass for Schools


How artificial grass is transforming school play areas across the UK

Artificial grass has evolved quite dramatically over the years and offers a very realistic, cost effective and safe alternative to real grass.

For schools looking to improve the look, versatility and safety of their play areas, artificial grass is the perfect solution. Artificial grass is most suited to children because it allows them to play safely outside all year round without getting muddy. It's the perfect way to give pupils somewhere safe, green and pleasant to play even when it's wet.

Here are just some of the reasons more and more schools are turning to artificial grass to transform their play spaces:

  • Looks great all year round
  • No need to mow, water or feed - save money on grass maintenance
  • High UV resistance
  • No more mud being brought into school areas
  • Children friendly
  • Perfect for sufferers of hay fever, asthma, and eczema
  • Safe, super tough and versatile

Artificial grass is also one of the safest and most durable of artificial play surfaces. It can be laid on almost any surface including concrete, tarmac, soil or turf and is so versatile it can be laid on sloping areas. If you have concrete play tunnels or other equipment fitted in your playground, artificial grass can also be installed the contours of this equipment to create a more imaginative play area.

Brighten up your play areas..

Children just love it

Artificial grass has the look and feel of real grass and children and parents love it. With artificial grass installed across your playground or in specific play areas, you can say goodbye to nasty skinned knees and ensure a safe and non-abrasive surface that requires minimal maintenance.

Brighten up your play areas

Concrete and tarmac surfaces, whilst durable, are not very aesthetically pleasing. Whether you choose to replace all of your hard concrete areas with artificial grass or specific areas, the transformation will be instant. Play areas are suddenly more inviting, lush and bright and provide interesting colours and textures that will help to ignite more imaginative play. Pretending to be ponies or explorers is fun on concrete, but artificial grass takes those experiences to a whole new level!

Create Safer Play Areas...Reduce your maintenance costs and improve safety and creativity

Artificial grass is the perfect choice for any school looking to reduce maintenance costs or to create safer play areas. Once installed, artificial grass requires almost zero maintenance and will create a more aesthetically pleasing play space that looks good all year round.


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