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Selling Your House? Add The WOW Factor With Artificial Grass

Add the WOW factor to your home with artificial grass - Artificial Grass 4 UIn today’s day and age selling your home is no easy task, especially when you consider the depressing state of the property market. While estate agents will tell you to declutter your front room, add a lick of paint to the walls and enhance the natural light each room is exposed to you’ll still do well to pull off that elusive sale and wow any potential buyers.

Therefore you need to go that extra mile! And what better way to add the WOW factor to your home and leave potential buyers totally amazed than with artificial grass?!?

Leave potential buyers WOWED with your garden

LEave potential buyers amazed - Artificial Grass 4 UIt’s estimated over 21million homes in the UK have access to a private garden or back yard and just 1% of these have been kitted out with artificial grass!

So if you want to stand out from the crowd and put your home in the spotlight, fake it today! You’ll have potential buyers queuing round the block waiting for a viewing… Okay maybe that’s a little extreme, but a garden kitted out with artificial grass is guaranteed to boost interest.

Transform gardens of all sizes - Artificial Grass 4 UAs soon as potential buyers discover you’ve used artificial grass they’ll be instantly wowed!

Not only will they be impressed by a lawn that looks immaculate every day of the year, but they’ll be overjoyed to hear artificial grass requires less time to maintain, perfect for those with children and pets! Potential buyers will be able to spend time doing things that really matter rather than wasting time mowing the lawn!

Oooh and they’ll be glad to hear they’ll save money on temperamental lawnmowers, expensive fertilizers and general utility costs, not a bad time to be saving money eh?!?

To the window, to the wall – install artificial grass indoors

Can be used indoors - Artificial Grass 4 UNow if you want to add the real wow factor to your property then you could install artificial grass INDOORS! Yep that’s right, artificial grass can be installed indoors as an alternative to carpets or even for use on your walls, in fact artificial grass can be installed practically anywhere!

So just imagine the look on the faces of potential buyers when they realise your front room is kitted out with artificial grass, magic!

If covering a full wall in artificial grass is a bit too much for your liking then don’t worry, you can be a little subtler by sprucing up a table or covering a picture frame! See it really can be used anywhere to add that WOW factor!

Easy to install - Artificial Grass 4 UArtificial Grass is easy to install

For those with basic DIY know how artificial grass should be a doddle to install!

But for those who’d rather leave it to the experts and ensure their best chances of adding the wow factor to their home then we offer an unrivaled, timely installation service throughout the UK.

Buy High Quality Artificial Grass

From Napoli to Tuscany and Venice to Milan, no this isn’t a road trip around Italy, it’s just a selection of the fake lawns we supply here at Artificial Grass 4 U, all of which could be used to give your home the wow factor before it hits the minefield property market!


If you require more information on the different styles of artificial grass we stock or help on installation then get in touch! Our team of exerts are always on hand to offer expert advice and guidance, call us on 01254 583055 for help on how you could add the wow factor to your home.


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