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4 Common Artificial Grass Myths Debunked

Common artificial grass myths debunked - Artificial Grass 4 UIn recent years, artificial grass has broken through into the mainstream and is no longer considered a niche product. But there are still a few myths doing the rounds that can prevent potential users from taking the plunge. Here we debunk some of the more common misconceptions, and explain why artificial grass can be a sound investment for you and your home.

Myth 1:
Artificial grass drains badly

Artificial grass drains well - Artificial Grass 4 UWrong.

While it is true that poor quality artificial grass can become waterlogged, high quality artificial grass installed correctly from a reputable supplier like ourselves contains pores that allow the product to drain just as freely as natural turf.

This means you will no longer need to worry about boggy lawns in the winter, and in turn fewer muddy footprints in the house, relief for all the Mums out there!

Myth 2:
Artificial grass is only suitable for sports pitches

Artificial Sports PitchThink again.

The natural appearance of modern artificial grass means it looks just like the real thing, and is ideal for many gardens and outdoor spaces.

The benefits of artificial grass on the sports pitch also come into play in the garden, for example your lawn will not be damaged by the wear and tear of pets and children digging in the turf.

Myth 3:
Artificial grass is expensive to maintain

Artificial Grass is cheap to maintain - Artificial Grass 4 U Not so.

Generally speaking, artificial grass pays for itself within three to four years, since it does not need ongoing maintenance such as mowing, seeding, and fertilising. Not to mention the time and effort you save in not having to do this kind of monthly maintenance.

Moreover, you are likely to save on your water bill, as artificial grass will not need watering during the hot summer months. So in the long run it’s cheaper to maintain, result!

Myth 4:
Artificial grass contains substances that can be
dangerous to children and pets

Artificial grass is completely safe - Artificial Grass 4 USimply not true.

This is a myth that started doing the rounds in the early days of artificial grass, and may once have had some basis in fact. However, modern artificial grass is designed to be safe for anybody likely to come into contact with it.

In fact, the pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals that may be used on genuine turf is more likely to be a hazard than anything found in modern artificial lawns.



So there we have it. Artificial grass is safe, durable, almost indistinguishable from natural turf, and can even save you money or add value to your home. What more could you ask for? Call us on 01254 583055 if you’d like to fake it today and experience the many benefits of artificial grass, you'd be daft not to! Check out our extensive selection of artificial grass.


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