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5 Simple Steps To Installing Artificial Grass

5 simple steps to installing artificial grass - Artificial Grass 4 U

Self-installation of artificial grass is relatively simple if you have basic landscaping or gardening skills and don’t mind a little work. Here's 5 simple steps to help you through the process...

Things you will need before you start

  • Artificial Grass adhesive
  • Seam tape
  • Carpet Knife
  • Notched adhesive spreader

How to install artificial grass

Step One: Cut the edges of the artificial grass

Artificial Grass Installation - Artificial Grass 4 U

  • Unroll the first length of artificial grass, make sure it is straight, mark out where the other lengths will be placed.
  • Check the rolls to ensure that the breadth is correct
  • Unroll the following length next to the previous one and then determine where the following roll will be placed.
  • Cut the seam between the two rolls with a carpet knife

Step Two: The seam may be no more than 4mm wide

Artificial Grass Installation - Artificial Grass 4 U

  • Prepare to glue the seams with artificial grass adhesive and seamtape
  • The gap between the lengths may be no greater than about 4mm

Step Three: Roll out the seam tape

Artificial Grass Installation - Artificial Grass 4 U

  • Invert the edges of both rolls so that approximately 60 - 75cm of the ground beneath is showing

Step Four: Apply the correct amount of adhesive

Artificial Grass Installation - Artificial Grass 4 U

  • The first two lengths are now ready to be glued down
  • Apply the adhesive to the seam tape and distribute it equally with a notched spreader.

Step FIve: Press the artificial grass down onto the adhesive

Artificial Grass Installation - Artificial Grass 4 U

  • WIth your hands, carefully press the artificial grass backing down onto the adhesive
  • Check whether you have pressed it down as far as possible
  • By pressing down on it, or gently rolling something over the seam it will be well stuck. Once the artificial grass is laid out check all the seams once more and where necessary apply more adhesive.
  • Cut the artificial grass into the shape desired
  • Rake or sweep up all the artificial grass remains.

You are now ready to enjoy your garden! If you need anymore information or advice on how to install your artificial grass then please contact us on 01254 583055

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